How to develop your own martial arts style

Published: 21st August 2006
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Most martial arts can be studied world wide from a different variety of countries and cultures. It's a well known fact that martial

arts can even increase your fitness and muscular endurance levels too. Depending on what art you choose, you may even learn some valuable self defense tips.

Currently, there has been big debates on whether martial arts are effective as most self defense courses and classes. In my experience, I recommend you study as manystyles as you can and only use what works.

What I have found works well, is to take the different techniques from each martial art and design your own combat system based on your own personal skills and results based on real life fights you've been in.

To make things easier, grab the best techniques from every style you try and use them when you are practicing. Unfortunately, on the street you won't be able to do a full technique and crazy Hollywood style moves. That's why it's best to try different techniques and martial arts.

Martial arts should be about self defense and using what works in real life hand to hand combat. Another thing you should practice while training martial arts and self defense is of course weight training and doing excerise on a daily basis, to better prepare yourself for any forms of attack.

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